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Dogs in Suds Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary

Press Release – April 2015   Dogs in Suds, a local leader in the canine grooming industry, is celebrating their 10 year anniversary this month.   Ten years ago, founder Lauren Sobol opened Dogs in Suds out of her love for dogs.  With over 18 years experience, she competitively shows dogs confirmation style in AKC […]

Author: Lauren Sobol • April 28, 2015 • Read More

The #1 Product for Healthy Oral Pet Care

ProDen PlaqueOff for Animals is a product that I’m very excited to introduce to you.  It started several months ago after a visit with the vet to realize that one of my dogs had unnoticeably lost 4 teeth.  We were very lucky to find out that no infection resulted from this event.  I was delighted […]

Author: Lauren Sobol • April 1, 2015 • Read More

Pet Dental Health

Dentists recommend you brush your teeth twice a day, so doesn’t it make sense that you should brush your pets’ teeth, too? You should brush your dog’s teeth every day, though most pet owners don’t adhere to that schedule. Because of this, experts estimate that approximately 80 percent of dogs suffer from some sort of oral […]

Author: Lauren Sobol • February 16, 2015 • Read More