Meet our Staff


At Dog in Suds, our team of professional, experienced and friendly groomers will ensure your dog will not only look and feel his best, but that they receive the highest respect in the process.  We not only love our dogs at work and home, but we all have been training and competing in local and national dog shows for years!  Please, meet our fabulous staff and you’ll soon understand that you’re dog is in great hands! 


 Laurent (2)



On behalf of everyone here at Dogs in Suds, I would like to welcome you to our page.  We pride ourselves in being the best professional groomers in the area based on our years of experience, understanding of different dog breeds and temperaments and genuine love and care for our dogs.   We provide a safe, clean and comforting environment.  We to to great lengths to make sure our pets are comfortable and well taken care of.  



Pat Ray

Pat Ray is a 9 year professional grooming veteran at Dogs in Suds who has a gentle touch and loves making her dogs feel welcome and comfortable.  Aside from grooming, Pat also participates in all of the local dog shows.  If she’s not working with her own Westies, she’s working with her clients’ dogs.  Pat is a professional trainer specializing in agility, obedience, rally obedience and lure coursing.  If you know Pat, you also know that she rescues pups and breeds them as well. 




Peggy is a professional handler and participates in over thirty shows a year.  Peggy is traveling to New York City again this year to show multiple dogs at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show!  We’re so proud of her!  Peggy met Lauren and Pat years ago when showing horses and she’s been with Dogs in Suds for over 10 years.  Peggy loves Afghan Hounds and Boston Terriers and finds herself specializing in large-breed dogs.




Although Chelsea is the youngest member on our staff, she has been showing dogs since the age of 10 as a Junior Handler!  She picked up this passion from a young age from the influence of her parents and grandparents and their love of animals.  Chelsea has a Bernese Mountain Dog, an American Bulldog and a Pomeranian and specializes in grooming dogs with lots and lots of hair! 🙂